Brand development

A company’s value is more and more determined by its brand and brand development dynamics. That’s why brand development is so key and has become a focus in modern companies. However, most people ignore that a brand’s value – being virtual – only does exist in the hearts and minds of clients – with other words: in their lifeworld. Consequently, the better you know this specific lifeworld, the easier you can assure the right and proactive further development of your brand. STORYlistening® is the instrument of choice to support you with this important value creation task.

STORYlistening® confronted i.a. the following core questions:

  • what is our brand image at the level of clients and non-clients ?
  • rebranding – how to develop an authentic narrative and a credibly identity ?
  • in how far and how do our employees identify with our brand ?
  • which are the strategic options for the further development of our brand?
  • does our present brand book meet with the market’s reality ?
  • how do clients and non-clients experience relations between our brands ?