Change Accelerator

Companies have to adapt faster and faster to new developments. Thus Change Management has become the Formula 1 of management abilities: be fast, be precise, assure contact with reality, stay on course, have a strategy, act proactively, run a perfectly coordinated team – or lose with dramatic consequences.
Having navigated more than 120 Change processes for organisations of all sizes we have completed this competence now with an outstanding partner and a special further development of STORYlistening® : the Change Accelerator®
This approach constantly sounds employees’ views and mind set about the Change process, opportunities, low hanging fruits, dangers, upcoming conflicts, shortcomings, new ideas etc etc. These insights are constantly and systematically channelled into decision making processes that always have a real time communication component assured by or partner, onliveline, a communication agency savy with experience in stage-managing internal communication. Thus, conflicts can be dealt with early on, motivation is increased, rumours can be avoided – and your company snags the desired competitive advantage.

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