Competitive advantages

To achieve higher than average margins, a sound strategic competitive advantage is mandatory. It guarantees that there are few or none close competitors – yet it is difficult to be developed. Lifeworlds of customers are the right places to dig for them. The reason is that lifeworlds function as frameworks for a customer’s perception: it decides what he perceives as a “problem” and what as a “solution” and also what he finally sees as a good decision to make. This perception is unveiled by STORYlistening® and provides 1:1 building blocks for competitive advantages.

STORYlistening® confronted i.a. the following core questions:

  • do we have real competitive advantages at the moment from a customer’s perspective?
  • is there a potential for competitive advantages in the market that we could address ?
  • who is our competitor when it comes to solutions (not industry) from a customer’s perspective?
  • would our existing competitive advantages work in other markets as well?
  • is there a gap in our product solution that we should fill from a customer’s perspective?